About Young_Coders

Young_Coders is the author of IT-traineeship.com. We are a provider of a modern IT traineeship, also known as a Challengership. At Young_Coders we challenge our trainees to develop themselves and become a little better every day. And that term “trainee” is not correct either. If you change your entire future and make a career switch to IT, you are not a trainee, you are a Challenger. Ready to be challenged every day and to challenge your team to reach great things.

Why IT-traineeship.com?

Making a choice for a career switch is extremely difficult. We know that from our own experience. Not only because we see this every day with our Challengers, but also because we are career switchers ourselves. That is why we would like to provide you with as much information as possible so that you can read as much information as needed and make your choice in good consideration. IT-traineeship.com was created as an information website that hopefully helps you in your career choice.

The Challengership

Our traineeship is therefore called a Challengership. Nice name, but what does it mean? Our Challengership is based on a number of principles, with the aim of being the ultimate kickstart for IT careers.

01. Short bootcamp with certification

In our two-month bootcamp you will be prepared to start working for our client. You learn a lot in a short time and put it into practice right away. After two months you know exactly what you are good at and how you want to develop further at your employer. After your bootcamp, we look at the best valuable development path for you, including certification.

02. Learning on the job

You learn by doing: we are convinced of that. That is why you get started with small practical assignments right from the start. In the first month of your training, you will have two class days and work three days on assignments to put theory directly into practice. In the second month you still have one day of classes a week and you work four days for our client. In this way you gradually roll into the profession and learn to apply theory directly in your daily work.

03. Developing in teams

We see it happen too often: a junior developer who enters an IT department and after two months does exactly the same as the rest. Say farewell to ‘renewal’ and ‘innovation’. This happens often, while many organizations are looking for young talent to innovate and renew. We do it differently. We believe in the impact of teams. That is why we train you in a tech team with complementary team members. You complement each other and strengthen each other’s talents. You will also get to work with our client with your entire team with which you follow the bootcamp. You make it together.

04. Grow into a team role that suits you

Yeah, you can put blood, sweat and tears into learning to perform better if you find that difficult. But you can also gather a team around you that takes care of your weaknesses, so that you can focus on what you are really good at. That way you can get ten times further with the same effort. That is why we think it is very important that you end up in a complementary team. That means not only that your weaknesses are taken care of, but also that you can excel with your unique talents.

Is a Challengership something that you aspire to?

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