5 benefits of an IT traineeship

By: Jan-Willem
19 Jul, 2021

Under the influence of developments such as robotization, digitization and the rise of AI and IoT, the demand for good IT professionals continues to increase. With your diploma (almost) in the pocket, you are eager to take your first step in the dynamic and exciting world of information technology.

Or maybe you want to work in the tech world as a career switcher. That’s quite the challenge. You have to compete on the job market with more experienced IT professionals and you may not yet know which specialism you want to devote yourself to in the coming years.

You can of course opt for a junior or starter position or additional IT training. But a traineeship is often a better and more interesting option . You can learn and work, which means you will discover your place more quickly within the dynamic tech industry. In this article we show you the most important advantages of anIT traineeship . Curious? Keep on reading!

What exactly does a traineeship entail?

Before we dive deeper into the benefits of anIT traineeship , it is good to take a look at what a traineeship entails. Although traineeships come in different shapes and sizes, they all have one thing in common: they offer a combination of working and learning. The duration can vary greatly. You have traineeships of a few weeks, but also traineeships that take months or even years.

An IT traineeship familiarizes you with the theoretical and practical aspects of IT and teaches you the skills most relevant for your (future) work. A modern traineeship, which is known at Young_Coders as Challengership , goes just a little further than a classic IT traineeship and challenges the participant every day.

That’s obvious, because the entire tech sector is one big challenge that requires a fresh, innovative view and needs people who are willing to continuously learn new things. A Challengership is not so much based on a learning experience of a few years, but emphasizes lifelong learning and development .

Curious about what you can learn in a short time if you are challenged every day? Watch the video.

The 5 benefits of an IT traineeship

Now that we know what an IT traineeship is, it’s time to look at its key benefits.

01. A free premium education as a kick start for a career in IT

One of the main advantages of anIT traineeship is the learning experience . During the entire process you will be working with coaches and colleagues who have a lot of experience in the professional field. They help you to develop yourself and discover your interests and skills.

A traineeship also ensures that you learn hands-on and on the job. You not only listen to presentations and lectures, but you are presented with learning processes that are firmly embedded in daily work practice and you prepare thoroughly on all facets that are part of the work of an IT professional. Because a traineeship emphasizes on doing instead of listening, you make progress faster, and you become a natural in translating theory into practice .

Moreover, trainees receive feedback on the achieved learning results and they can directly apply the practical value of a training in work situations tests . Step by step you build up new knowledge by following an intensive learning path. With an emphasis on practical learning, a good IT traineeshipis the best kick start to an exciting career in the growing and dynamic tech industry.

02. You already work at an organization where you can really make an impact

An important advantage of anIT traineeship is that, while learning, you have an impact on organizations and society. The solutions you design or help build are immediately used by organizations and contribute, for example, to improving or making their business processes more sustainable.

Have you contributed to an application that offers organizations the opportunity to work largely paperless? Or a system that helps companies to save considerably on costs or CO2 emissions? Then you are already working for an organization and on solutions that havebusiness and/or social impact in the real world.

03. An IT traineeship increases your job opportunities

When you have just finished school, it is often no easy task to find exactly the job that completely matches your qualities, wishes and interests. A IT traineeship brings that dream job a lot closer . You can develop yourself on a personal and professional level within a professional organization and become part of the workforce.

A longer and intense traineeship will certainly get you ready in a few months or a few years for that cool position you have set your mind on. Is your traineeship going well? Then you are a valuable asset to the company where you completed your traineeship and there is usually anice position and ditto contract with your name on it. And even if this is not the case, you have an excellent basis that also makes you interesting for other IT and tech companies.

04. You get paid

It may well be the case that you have followed a science study or law study, but through your hobby experience with programming you discover that your heart and passion is mainly in IT. In the first instance, it may seem obvious to follow an IT training course with one of the many educators out there.

But studying in this fashion costs money. Often even a lot of money. Money you may not have, want to save, or rather spend on something else. An IT traineeship offers a solution to that problem. Because you get paid from day one instead of having to pay a substantial amount of study costs every month

05. Learning with like-minded people

Following an IT traineeship means that you learn in a nice and small team of like-minded people who have the same goal as you do: people who have not yet been skilled in the IT profession, but who are highly motivated to build a career in the wonderful world of IT. Mutual contact and the exchange of knowledge also ensures that you quickly find your way and discover which subdisciplines suit and interest you .

Do you like to know how the ‘brain’ of a certain application works and do you like to share that data with the end user in a clear way? And do you want to know everything about the technology on both the front and back, so that you can also design an application yourself? Then a career as full stack developer is probably your thing.

Are you an abstract thinker who is mainly interested in how an application works and prefers to leave the visual bells and whistles to others? Then you are cut from the right cloth to become abackend developer to conquer the IT landscape by storm.

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