IT roles at a glance: what suits you?

By: Koen
19 Jul, 2021

There are so many cool IT roles! We list them for you in this blog.

You have completed your studies and are at the start of your career, but something is itching. A crazy feeling in your stomach, a little voice in the back of your head. “Maybe I want to go into IT.” You have recently become acquainted with the profession and have become very enthusiastic about it. But what does the life of an IT person look like? Which IT role suits you best and where can you use your talents? These are a lot of considerations when you are faced with a career switch.

To help you on your way, we take you through the profile of various IT roles. From front-end to back-end and everything in between.

The front end developer

As a front-end developer you are responsible for making the “front end” of an application or mobile app work. You make data visual and you also know everything about the latest front-end technologies. You receive data sources and links from back-end developers, which you convert into beautiful views. You work a lot with modern frameworks and are on top of the latest developments.

For example, you program in JavaScript, php, Python or TypeScript and you use frameworks such as Angular, ReactJS, Redux, Vue.js etc. You also know your way around CSS and HTML. In addition to your technical skills, you have an eye for usability and design.


The Process Analyst

You are pragmatic and like to solve problems. You want to help others by implementing a solution as efficiently and as quickly as possible. This can be done by applying the best tools for the job, or by developing something yourself in no time. The means are not so relevant to you, the goal is everything. You like to make existing processes more efficient or to devise new processes so that your customer can save costs, help people faster, or work more efficiently.

You often work with purpose-built tools for your team, or with low-code platforms that make your life a lot easier and where you can focus more on solving a problem than learning a difficult programming language .


The full stack developer

As a full-stack developer you actually find all facets of programming fun and interesting. You have sufficient knowledge of front-end technology, but you can also work well with back-end developers with whom you like to solve complex issues. You would like to know how the “brain” of an application works, but you also find it super interesting to show all that data to the end user in a beautiful way. Does a front-end developer need your help? No problem! Could the back-end team use some help? Done! And if you have to, you can develop an application all by yourself!

You are familiar with various programming languages and frameworks such as JavaScript, Python, React, Angular or PHP and are well aware of developing links between applications (APIs). You might even work with some Java or C#.

Don’t like reading? You can also do a short test to find out which IT position might suit you!

The DevOps engineer

You are the missing link for your fellow developers. It’s nice that something has been built, but that piece of code also needs to be tested and brought to the production environment. You play a crucial role in this. You are responsible for the continuity of the development team. You do this by implementing and maintaining a good and reliable development environment. You monitor the quality of what is delivered. You are critical, but helpful. You don’t see quality testing as “checking someone’s work” but building a great solution together. Because making mistakes is human.

You avoid human error by implementing unit testing and think about CI and CD techniques such as cloud solutions, docker and kubernetes. You ensure that the development process runs smoothly and that you and your team can be proud of that.


The back-end developer

You have always been good at maths and love puzzles. You like to think abstractly and are able to look at information at different levels. You find the way an application works very interesting. You prefer to leave the appearance of an application to others. You love to take a deep-dive into coding. You come up with beautiful solutions for complex issues and you take care of the brain of the application.

You work with mature programming languages such as Java, C#, C++ and you may also delve into older programming environments such as Cobol, Delphi and Ruby.


Data analyst

You are someone who likes to figure things out. If someone claims something, you think that this should also be substantiated with evidence. You are often someone with a scientific background who likes thorough analysis. You find everything that has to do with data interesting. By using smart tools that you also partly develop yourself, you not only look back (Can I explain why something happened) but you also look to the future (Can I predict what will happen based on the available data?).

Your tools include Python, Numpy, pandas and Java, but you also know a lot about databases.


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