IT traineeship without a degree

An IT traineeship without a degree? Of course that’s possible! You can start a successful career in IT even without a diploma, previous education or IT background! Read here about the possibilities in different situations.

A diploma is not a predictor of success

Many traineeships require a college or university degree. They do this because you often need an HBO/WO thinking level to successfully follow a traineeship. But a diploma is not the only indicator that determines whether you are smart enough for an IT traineeship! There can be countless reasons why you haven’t obtained a degree, or followed an education in a completely different field than IT, while you do have the talent to become a top developer.

However, many organizations do (unfortunately) prefer people with degrees. Therefore, if you do not have a college or university degree, it is extra important to prove yourself beforehand. Make sure your programming knowledge is already of a high level and show that you are eager to start your IT career. For example, by already teaching yourself many things in e-learning courses. Show that you are already good at programming, which will make organizations eager to bring you on board, even though you may not have the right degrees.

At Young_Coders, we developed the e-learning platform Collow for that purpose. Here you can learn programming in an accessible way and develop yourself to an advanced level in online courses. That’s just the little extra we ask of people without a degree. This is how you ensure that you are directly very valuable to organizations.

We use the following indicators to assess the potential of our candidates.


Are you a real team player who brings out the best in yourself and others? Are you creative and do you like puzzling and being challenged every day?


Can you think abstractly at the level necessary for programming? Are you good with numbers and do you have strong analytical skills?


Why do you want to start a career in IT? What are your ambitions and where do you want to be in 5 years? What do you want to grow and develop in?

Do you match those criteria, but you don’t have a diploma, IT-related previous education or basic IT knowledge? Then view the information below that applies to your situation.

The options at Young_Coders

Young_Coders is the author of this informative website and provider of a modern IT traineeship: the Challengership. At Young_Coders there are several options for people without a degree or IT knowledge to start a career in IT. We only look at potential and do not exclude anyone.

IT Traineeship without a degree

Have you not obtained a diploma, but your programming hobby has made you super enthusiastic to start a career in IT? Then there are also options for you! A diploma is not mandatory with us. A diploma does help, among other things, to find a client more easily in a traineeship. In order to be attractive to clients without a diploma, it is important that you can already program at a good level. Show that you are a go-getter and that you have already developed your skills solidly!
For example, through our e-learning platform Collow, where you can take all kinds of high-quality tech training courses.

At Young_Coders, we discover during the selection process whether you have what it takes to start your IT career in our Challengership. We test a number of things, such as your level of thinking, your motivations and your basic knowledge of programming. Is that on an okay level? Then we will look for an organization for you where you will also have the opportunity to grow in your new career without a diploma!
Is this something you like? More information about the Challengership and the profile of a Challenger can be found on the Young_Coders website.

IT traineeship without an IT prior education prior

Did you study something completely different direction than IT? Super valuable! With a different study background you are able to look at programming from a different perspective. You break the thinking patterns of the “standard IT guy”. That is why we do not ask for any prior education in IT. You are welcome with any study background. It doesn’t matter that you’re not a pro in programming yet, we’ll teach you that. So: Do you have a completed HBO or WO study, but not IT-related and you already have some basic knowledge of programming? Then you are a great fit with us!

Curious about what job openings we have? Read it on the Young_Coders website.

Individual training

Would you like to gain programming knowledge, but is an IT traineeship less attractive to you? For example, because you don’t want to leave your current employer yet, or because you prefer to learn flexibly and at your own pace?

Especially for this purpose, we have translated our best training courses into e-learning pathways. You choose which trainings you want to take, at your own time and pace on our E-learning platform: Collow.

Start an IT career without a diploma?

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