What kind of IT person are you?

Take the interest test and find out which IT role suits you!

There are an awful lot of IT functions and roles. In some roles you dig deep into code, while in others you focus primarily on data or user experience. Which IT role suits you best? Take the short interest test on the Young_Coders website and find out which IT role suits you best!

Different IT roles

Front-end developer

As a front-end developer, you are responsible for developing the face of a (web) application. You make functions and data visual and ensure that the data from your application is clearly displayed to the user.

Your tools: JavaScript, php, Python, Typescript, React, Angular, Redux, Vue.js, HTML, CSS

Full-stack developer

You find both the design and usability of software and the complex puzzle at the back end immensely interesting.

Your tools: JavaScript, Python, React, Angular, php, Java, C#

Process analyst

You are pragmatic and like to solve problems efficiently. The means are less relevant; the end is everything.

Your tools are often developed specifically for your team, or you work with low-code platforms.

Devops engineer

You ensure the continuity of the development team. You do this by implementing and maintaining a good development street.

Your approach: Unit testing, CI, CD

Back-end developer

As a back-ender you take care of the brain of the application! You love puzzling and come up with beautiful solutions to complex issues.

Your Tools: Java, C#, C++,Python

Data analyst

You enjoy figuring things out thoroughly and can’t get enough of big data. You use and develop tools for data analysis.

Your tools: Python, Numpy, pandas, Java