How much does an IT traineeship earn?

An IT traineeship earns roughly between €2000 and €2700, but this depends on a number of factors. Such as the quality of the training you receive.

That’s the short answer. Now for the more nuanced answer!

Salary in an IT traineeship

However, the answer to how much an IT traineeship earns is not so simple, as it depends on a number of factors. However, we can say that the average salary for an IT traineeship is between €2000,- and €2700,- . This is slightly lower than an average starting salary for an IT professional, but you are not a developer yet if you start a traineeship compared to people who have completed an IT training and can start immediately.

After completing an IT traineeship, you can certainly expect to earn a competitive salary that’s akin to a junior IT professional’s salary.

Salary indication

Value of a traineeship

In addition to a salary, the training you receive is also an important part of the value of a traineeship.

Is the traineeship aimed at allowing you to work full-time in a team as soon as possible, with a not too heavy training? Then don’t settle for much less than a junior developer salary! The gross salary of a starting developer is around €2700.

But does the traineeship offer you a high-quality education in addition to work experience? Then you can expect the salary to be slightly lower than that of the junior developer, because the organization you work for is investing in you heavily. The training and supervision costs can rise to € 20,000. And you get it for free!

Take this into account when choosing a traineeship. Do you want to earn a nice salary as soon as possible, or will you settle for a little less early in your career in exchange for investing in yourself with a nice education? Of course, this decision varies from person to person and from situation to situation.

What will you earn after a traineeship?

That depends very much on the position you were trained for, the organization you will be working for and of course your own negotiating skills ;-). Ultimately, you can expect your employer to offer you a nice salary because developers are scarce and employers are lining up for you! Assume a salary somewhere between € 2700 and € 3000 gross. But again, that strongly depends on the organization, the salary house, further education, etc.