Frequently Asked Questions

IT Traineeships

What is an IT traineeship?

An IT traineeship is a learn-work trajectory in which young professionals are trained and gain work experience. Often with the goal of joining a client on a permanent basis after the traineeship. IT traineeships last 1 to 2 years on average.

When am I eligible for an IT traineeship?

That depends very much on the traineeship provider. Most IT traineeships require a university education degree, but there are also IT traineeships at a MBO level, for ICT support positions for example.

Generally, it is not necessary to have studied IT, but again this varies by IT traineeship provider.

Young_Coders, the author of this website, considers you  any bachelors or masters degree and already have some (hobby) programming experience. More information about the admission requirements at Young_Coders can be found at the Young_Coders website.

How much does an IT traineeship earn?

On average, an IT traineeship earns between €200 and €2700 per month.

More info and explanations can be found here.

What could your job be after an IT traineeship?

Most college and university level traineeships will train you for various high-level tech roles.

For more information, read our blog where we explain the different IT roles in detail.

Young_Coders and the Challengership

Who is Young_Coders?

Young_Coders is the author of this information website and provider of a modern IT traineeship, called a Challengership.

More information about Young_Coders can be found on the About Young_Coders page.

What is a Challengership?

The Challengership is the high quality IT traineeship of Young_Coders. Young_Coders has been nominated by Computable for the best IT training company in the Netherlands.

The Challengership is a 1 to 2 year work-study program in which you gain work experience at an organization that really suits you. You will also receive customised training that matches your interests and the client’s technology stack.

For more information about the Challengership, please visit the Young_Coders website.

Am I eligible for a Challengership?

We are looking for potential Challengers who meet the following profile

  • You are at the beginning of your working career (you graduated from college no more than 3 years ago)
  • You have almost or recently completed your bachelors or masters degree
  • You have some basic knowledge and a little experience with programming

For the full profile of a Challenger, read on at the Young_Coders website.

How can I apply for a Challengership?

You can sign up for the Challengership on the Young_Coders website.

View the registration plan on the Young_Coders website for the entire registration process.

I'm still in doubt. What now?

Doubt is very logical, a career switch is an exciting step! You can therefore always request a career interview with our career coach. During a video call appointment, you can share your doubts and the career coach will think with you about a good step for your career.

Schedule a career interview through this link.

Do you have more questions about the Challengership?
Read the FAQ of Young_Coders, with answers to all your questions about the Challengership.